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From 1983 until 1991 the American born dancer/choreographer Bob Foltz surprised the Dutch danceworld with unknown dynamic dance with a high quality of technique with a dosis of humor and dance pleasure. After eight years, 8 productions, including more then 20 successfull choreographies, he chose for his other passion garden architecture.
After 14 years of gardening Foltz decided to bring out a production again as choreographer and dancer with members of his original group Foltz + Company. The premier of 'Reoccurrence' in the Grand Theatre, Groningen The Netherlands, was again such an success that Foltz decided to continue what was closest to his heart, choreography and dance.

“A performance that immediately sticks in your memory. A world in itself, but recognisable and very close-by”

(Dagblad van het Noorden, 3/10/2006)

Season 2013/2014

Foltz + Company dances 'MAN'

In the season 2013/2014 Foltz + Company brings the show 'MAN', a duet program with new choreographies by Ederson Rodrigues Xavier, Maurice Causey and Bob Foltz. Composer Peter Lunow has written music for the new choreography of Bob Foltz

A unique presentation, a young man and a 30 year older man dancing four duets of three leading male choreographers. Themes are development, age, contrasts, physical attraction and limitations.

‘MAN’ is made with passion, power and a huge urge to bring this performance to the audience.

‘MAN’ is danced by Ilija Surla and Bob Foltz and will premiere on October 31, 2013 in Toneelschuur Haarlem 20:30 www.toneelschuur.nl November 3, Groningen, Grand Theatre, 20:00 www.grandtheatregroningen.nl November 6, Amsterdam, Dansmakers aan het IJ, 20:30 www.dansmakers.nl PS For the performance in Groningen, Grand Theatre, the tickets are only available via dansgroep@foltzco.nl

Foltz + Company

Inspired dance. Dance with heart and soul, often danced by older dancers or young dancers with a mature stage personality. That is special about the dance of Foltz + Company.

Bob Foltz and many of the dancers with whom he works, deliberately chose some time for a life outside the dance. It has made their passion for dance and the power they radiate only stronger. 'Stardom' is alien to them, it is the essence of dance to them, hopefully touching the public with the power of movement.

That makes a Foltz presentation a happening with a major impact on the audience.

For information please contact:

Bob Foltz – artistic director / choreographer / bookings
T: (00 31) 598 627 829 of (00 31) 6 20 38 50 93
E: dansgroep@foltzco.nl

Persreacties op recente voorstellingen van
Foltz + Company

'MAN' is een ode aan het mannenduet
(Kester Freriks, Theaterkrant)

Een voorstelling die zich meteen in je herinnering vastzet. Een wereld op zichzelf, maar herkenbaar en menselijk dichtbij.

(Dagblad van het Noorden)

Mooie, eerlijke, pure dans, gemaakt voor en over drie mensen die elkaars taal spreken.

(De Volkskrant)

Choreografische helderheid, vitaliteit, goede muziekkeuze, een verzorgd toneelbeeld, getoond danstechnisch kunnen.

(Ine Rietstap)